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A Healthy Torch Lake for All
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Torch Lake Protection Alliance (TLPA) was established in 1994 to provide a unifying voice for people who regard the preservation of Torch Lake as a top priority, enabling current and future generations to enjoy the responsible use of this geological jewel.  Please click on the ABOUT US tab in the menu for more information about our mission.

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Summer 2019 Newsletter is Out

The newsletter can be read by clicking the link below.  Previous issues of the newsletter can be found at  About Us-Documents-Newsletters.  Newsletters are the third item in the list of Document Types.

Summer 2019 Newsletter

Swimmers Itch 2019

Torch Lake has seen a number of cases of swimmer's itch this summer. The TLPA is participating with other area lake associations to print and distribute an information card about the prevention and treatment of swimmer's itch.  It will be distributed across the area in the tourist information racks in various business establishments. 

Swimmer's itch is caused by a microscopic parasite that floats at the surface of shallow water.  Many people are affected by the parasite, but some are not.  Those who are experience a rash of red bumps, itching or a burning sensation.  It is similar to the allergic reaction caused by poison ivy or mosquito bites.

These parasites are hosted by water fowl and passed to snails that live in shallow water around the lake.  The snails then excrete thousands of these parasites into the water.

Do not feed waterfowl as it attracts them to the shorelines where they will continue to infect the snails.

Watch your email box for the full information card soon.

Shoreline Stewardship

The Torch Lake Protection Alliance is urging all riparian owners to practice effective shoreline management to protect the lake.  Here are three ways you can help:


1) Find out if your shoreline practices are harmful for the lake. Take a brief survey at  (see link below)


2) Maintain a no-mow zone between your lawn and the lake. Let the grass grow high to filter pollutants or plant a buffer strip of native plants to keep unwanted nutrients out of the lake.


3) Instead of using chemical fertilizers, let your grass clippings fertilize naturally. Chemical fertilizers promote algae growth. If you irrigate your lawn with lake water, it already has all the nutrients your grass will need.

You can benefit from taking the survey by learning lake-friendly land practices to keep excess nutrients and toxins from reaching the water. Find out what you can do on your property to help improve both the bottom and waters of Torch Lake. TLPA urges you to take the survey today.